Why Click&Dry - Powder Quality and Consistency

Sep 8, 2021 2:51:00 PM

How does Click&Dry’s cutting-edge nozzle design address common issues that affect spray dry powder production today?

Spray Nozzle Engineering design and manufacture the world’s most advanced patented nozzle technologies and designs, in this multi-part series we will discuss some of the issues pertinent to spray drying, and how many critical concerns can be alleviated by employing Click&Dry nozzles. Improving safety, reducing overall wear part consumption, and drastically increasing run times.

Product build-up on nozzle caps & wear part misalignment within nozzle bodies are two things that affect powder quality and consistency.

Build up can be caused by the configuration of the dryer, the use of wider spray angle nozzles or the product/powder formula. In most cases, it is actually caused by the nozzle design. One solution to product build-up is using a Click&Dry flat cap design, which has a lower outer face profile that greatly minimises build-up. A study performed in New Zealand concluded that using Click&Dry technology produced powder with 50% less build-up over any other spray dry nozzle.

Click&Dry’s unique technology is its seal-in-disc system – Concentric Clasp Technology. Proven over a decade of successful operation, removing the O-ring from the nozzle cap and placing it within the orifice disc itself, which does several things to improve performance:

  • Overall the nozzle is stronger and outer profile is reduced creating the potential for a wider spray angle setup
  • The removal of a groove also creates a clear fluid path free of potential product build up that has not been cleaned from a previous run. Thus, making for a more hygienic nozzle cap.
  • When assembling the CCT clasp, operators can clearly see where the orifice O-ring needs to go, before assembling into the cap. Orifice O-rings are never forgotten.
  • The other major advantage of CCT is that parts can be easily inserted and extracted with the ‘easy out’ tool system provided. Eliminating costly wear parts breakage, extending life and saving money by reducing premature carbide parts disposal.

Click&Dry technology houses O-rings within an interior disc orifice, specifically to address product build up issues. This is achieved as the nozzle cap requires far less profile due to moving the O-ring. The result is a flat nozzle cap and less surface area for product to build up, and in conjunction, less bearding and reduced scorched particle contaminants. Less bearding and scorched particle threat also improves safety due to fire hazard.

When it comes to the assembly of nozzle bodies, orifice discs, and swirls, historically errors can be made by operators by incorrect altitude placement of critical components during assembly. Traditional nozzle designs can often be assembled with misalignments between the swirl chamber and orifice. These misalignments are difficult to detect after the nozzle has been assembled and often result in leaking nozzle caps. Having the parts inserted eccentrically (not in perfect alignment) also creates an inconsistent spray performance and affects the powder quality throughout the drying operation. Click&Dry nozzles remedy this problem by having all wear parts secured and aligned, this produces a uniform spray pattern across all lance sets. Achieving better performance and powder consistency overall.

Please touch base with us today and ask us how Click&Dry by Spray Nozzle Engineering can save your company both money and time, whilst increasing overall productivity and powder quality.

Posted by Cale Hart
Cale Hart

Topics: Spray Dry Nozzles

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Click&Dry™ - The proof is in the powder™

CLICK&DRY™ technology is proven to:

  • Improve powder quality by reducing scorched particles 
  • Reduce nozzle build-up & achieve longer run times
  • Increase hygiene with easy to clean cap internals
  • Reduce nozzle leakage & fire risk 

  • Offers longer wear part life & eliminates breakages
  • Save money & reduce operating costs by up to 60%
Reduce expensive maintenance & improve reliability
  • Improve plant profit all day - everyday

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