Why Click&Dry - Article 1 - Production cost and safety

Aug 30, 2021 12:07:06 PM

How can Click&Dry’s cutting-edge nozzle design help to reduce high production costs and increase safety?

Spray Nozzle Engineering design and manufacture the world’s most advanced patented nozzle technologies and designs, in this multi-part series we will discuss some of the issues pertinent to spray drying, and how many critical concerns can be alleviated by employing Click&Dry nozzles. Improving safety, reducing overall wear part consumption, and drastically increasing run times.

Traditional spray dry nozzle design is typically associated with short runtimes, high-frequency cleaning, dated procedures and damaged parts such as O-ring tearing. This all corresponds to increased production costs and a decrease in overall safety. Click&Dry nozzles are unique in this regard, the patented design based on years of feedback from spray dry industry peers, extensive R&D, and on-site testing, can improve operator performance leading to increased profitability and improved safety.

One cause of inflated cost is dated disassembly procedures. When disassembling baked on and dirty spray dry nozzles, they can present quite the challenge, as usually impact tools such as hammers are used to dislodge wear parts, which can lead to breakage of costly carbide swirls and orifice discs. The Click&Dry disassembly procedure does not require impact tools to hit the internal wear parts, reducing operating costs.

Another issue is thread damage and unprotected sealing faces. Ordinary nozzle systems with very fine threading are unable to resist damage during constant assembly and disassembly, causing thread-binding and ultimately rendering the nozzle unusable requiring costly cup or weld body replacement. In turn requiring expensive testing and compliance to code. Additionally, any unprotected sealing faces can also be damaged during handling or disassembly, resulting in the costly cutting and re-welding of nozzle bodies onto lances. Click&Dry nozzles remedy these issues as they were designed specifically with heavy-duty thread, and manufactured from a material resistant to thread binding. So much so, they are guaranteed not to bind for three years. The material used for manufacture is also incredibly resistant to impact damage during lance handling and an additional design feature to further protect the head during handling is a sealing face protection skirt. A robust protective skirt designed to protect against O-ring seal groove damage.

Importantly from a safety perspective, would be existing nozzles in use today incorporating old style static radial O-ring seating, where during assembly such radial O-ring designs can see O-ring tearing or fracture. Conventional radial sealing setups can suffer from drag and tearing of the O-ring during the assembly process. This compromises critical sealing leading to poor process outcomes and potential safety hazards due to leaking and bearding/scorched particles. Click&Dry’s axial O-ring sealing technology is designed to only reach the sealing surface when the cap is fully engaged to the body. Hence no dragging or tearing during assembly which means less risk of leakage during a run.

Please touch base with us today and ask us how Click&Dry by Spray Nozzle Engineering can save your company both money and time, whilst increasing overall productivity and powder quality.

Posted by Cale Hart
Cale Hart

Topics: Spray Dry Nozzles

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Click&Dry™ - The proof is in the powder™

CLICK&DRY™ technology is proven to:

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  • Reduce nozzle build-up & achieve longer run times
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  • Save money & reduce operating costs by up to 60%
Reduce expensive maintenance & improve reliability
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