Why Click&Dry - Article 2 - Hygiene and Consistency

Sep 2, 2021 12:21:00 PM

How does Click&Dry’s cutting-edge nozzle design address common issues that affect spray dry powder production today?

Spray Nozzle Engineering design and manufacture the world’s most advanced patented nozzle technologies and designs, in this multi-part series we will discuss some of the issues pertinent to spray drying, and how many critical concerns can be alleviated by employing Click&Dry nozzles. Improving safety, reducing overall wear part consumption, and drastically increasing run times.

Hygiene standards and productivity are two common themes prevalent in spray drying issues today, this following blog is part of a multi-part series demonstrating the effectiveness of Click&Dry nozzle technology over traditional nozzle designs.

Productivity is a leading concern for most businesses in the dairy industry. Maintaining a high level of production whilst concurrently adhering to customer specific recipes at a high level of powder quality is the desired outcome. Productivity can be affected by multiple factors throughout the spray drying process. However; nozzle atomization is one stage of the process that can be improved easily with the selection of the right nozzle body, orifice, and swirl.

One cause of low productivity is nozzle bearding, or the build-up of baked on product at the nozzle cap. This can be caused in different ways, though some of the main causes are wide spray angle nozzles, powder formulation additives, or dryer configuration. Typically bearding is often due to a deficiency in the design of the nozzle cap where the product leaves the nozzle during the atomization stage. When nozzles beard, they must be cleaned more frequently in order to prevent leakage and scorched particles invading powder. Bearding, or product build up on the nozzle cap, can also be an ignition point and major explosion hazard. Eliminating this is a major safety benefit and reduces cleaning frequencies resulting in longer run times and increased productivity. Click&Dry’s flat nozzle cap design, which greatly reduces bearding, is the solution achieve these goals.

Hygiene standards are something under constant scrutiny in the spray drying process. With this in mind Click&Dry caps have been developed to alleviate hygiene concerns at the nozzle point in powder processing. Traditionally, cleaning spray dry nozzles has been difficult due to the internal O-ring groove inside the cap. Conventional style cap chambers have tight and hard to reach corners that may harbor contaminants. Click&Dry caps are specially designed with smooth internal profiles and flow paths, allowing the nozzle to be cleaned easily and rapidly, for a faster and more hygienic clean every time.

Please touch base with us today and ask us how Click&Dry by Spray Nozzle Engineering can save your company both money and time, whilst increasing overall productivity and powder quality.

Posted by Cale Hart
Cale Hart

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Click&Dry™ - The proof is in the powder™

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  • Reduce nozzle build-up & achieve longer run times
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  • Save money & reduce operating costs by up to 60%
Reduce expensive maintenance & improve reliability
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