Custom Spray Bars and Lances - Hygienic Design for the Dairy Industry

Sep 21, 2022 11:31:36 AM

CUSTOM SPRAY LANCESFor precision coating of lecithin, vitamins, oils and more. Yes we do make spray dry nozzles that represent the most significant advancements in the past 50+ years of spray dry production. But we can also sort your custom lance needs with our in-house engineering capacity to design lances for applying thick/viscous coatings.

Custom Lance stainless steel

Various mounting systems available for our custom stainless steel lance bars

Custom designed to order, or retrofitted lances too, we can produce inline, right-angle, moveable or fixed stainless steel lances. Customers love our custom lance solutions for many reasons but their Concentric (fully-enclosed) Hygienic Design is always one we hear them praising. As using a single stainless steel shaft to deliver both air and product inside the chamber is much easier for cleaning than traditional two shaft lance (one for air, one for product) designs. Then of course (as a part of the Spray Nozzle Engineering group) we can help select or design interchangeable nozzles to optimise spray performance for any application needs. These lances are used to apply lecithin, vitamins, oils and more during spray dry production. Have a glance at this stunning lecithin lance heading to a spray dry plant that already uses our Click&Dry™ Nozzles.

  • Customised spray lances to suit your coating application and equipment
  • Concentric (fully-enclosed) hygienic design
  • Inline, right-angle, moveable (retractable) or fixed
  • Designed to order or retro fitted
  • Flow rates and spray patterns to meet your coverage application rate requirements
  • Air-assisted atomisation options
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Local supplier


Positioned wherever you need them, interchangeable spray nozzles give you precise application

Another beautiful custom lance from our in-house engineering team!

We're here to help, contact us and we'll get you a quote asap.

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