Click&Dry™ nozzle trail underway at major powder producer

Aug 16, 2022 7:11:49 AM

One of the world’s largest dairy powder producers have begun a trail of our nozzles to increase powder consistency of their production and fit their specific needs.

CLICK&DRY PUSH-FIT Retainer F-Cap spray dry nozzle exploded view

They are trailing our Compact Series nozzles with a Concentric Clasp at one of their spray drying plants. We custom modified our bodies to fit their needs. They require a special shut-off quick connect fitting, kind of like how a garden hose can pop on and off. With an added safety chain connection, extra protection they wanted just in case a nozzle gets blown off. The trial nozzles have an F-Series Profile cap for reducing nozzle build-up during operation. These are recommended for all but very high pressure applications, which would us our D-Series Profile cap. Combined with our Drip-Pro™ Check Valve, you have the perfect nozzle for their needs to prevent dripping in their dry cleaning CIP system. Most spray dryers use water to clean, but this company is one of the few that clean using a dry, vacuuming method of cleaning. Both our Drip-Pro™ Check Valve and our low-profile reduced build-up caps are designed to keep any unwanted moisture or materials from leaking out of the nozzle. The trial nozzles have arrived and we are awaiting their feedback with great anticipation!

Another exciting opportunity is with our one of our European Distributors to upgrade our MAXI gen-1 nozzles to the latest Click&Dry™ version at a major infant formula powder manufacturer. Spray Nozzle Engineering and our distributors are working together to show the world, "The Proof Is In The Powder!"  

Current Click&Dry nozzle trails underway in Europe, China, Indonesia, and New Zealand


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Click&Dry™ - The proof is in the powder™

CLICK&DRY™ technology is proven to:

  • Improve powder quality by reducing scorched particles 
  • Reduce nozzle build-up & achieve longer run times
  • Increase hygiene with easy to clean cap internals
  • Reduce nozzle leakage & fire risk 

  • Offers longer wear part life & eliminates breakages
  • Save money & reduce operating costs by up to 60%
Reduce expensive maintenance & improve reliability
  • Improve plant profit all day - everyday

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